GEMPOLYM FOOD THICKENERS are Guar Gum or Carboxy Methyl Cellulose based, and are extensively used in the following industries

• Canned meats, fish, vegetables and soups.
• Fruit Juices.
• Dairy Products – such as ice-cream, cheese, spreads, yoghurts, instant pudding etc.
• Moisture stabiliser for processed meats and pet foods.

Guar gum is a cold water soluble polysaccharide, and carries a wide range of uses in the food industry. These uses depend on the properties provided by very large molecules in various states of hydration, mostly in solution.
Guar gum hydrates very easily to produce an aqueous solution possessing a high viscosity at low gum concentrations.
These solutions are good emulsifiers and stabilisers, due to the fact that they prevent oil droplets from co-alescing. They may also have the property of interfacial binding and thereby act as true emulsifiers.
Guar gum is also used as a suspension stabiliser as it allows only slow setting, because of it’s thickening power.

Applications and Uses for Thickeners • Stabilisers • Viscosifiers