GEMPOLYM GANGUE DEPRESSANTS are developed and manufactured at our modern factory in Robertville.
These Gangue Depressants are custom-developed for each flotation application. They prevent the floating of gangue minerals like talc, antigorite, chlorite etc., which would report to the flotation concentrate there by inhibiting the grades for smelting and downstream processing. Gempolym gangue depressants improve the grade and recovery.

GEMPOLYM GANGUE DEPRESSANTS are added to the feed box or conditioning tank at the head of the rougher cells.
Here they prevent the activation of the gangue particles, and so inhibit their ability to report to the mineral concentrate being floated. One can control the mass pull in this way.
In some cases this can enhance the floatability of the mineral by improved flotation rate.
Gangue Depressants are also added to the cleaning section – again to increase the concentrate grade / recovery of the valuable mineral.

GEMPOLYM GANGUE DEPRESSANTS are individually matched for various applications, and custom produced to suit the various ore bodies being treated.
The key raw materials used to manufacture GEMPOLYM GANGUE DEPRESSANTS are polysaccharides, both unmodified and with various chemical modifications, modified starches, various cellulosics and galactomannans.

• All Sulphide mineral and Base metal flotation.
• Nickel, Copper, Platinum Group Metals, Zinc, Cobalt.
• Phosphate flotation.
• Fluorspar flotation.