Highly recommended in the manufacture of:


When making the dough for Instant Noodles, add GEMPOLYM GUAR200 FOODGRADE dissolved in the necessary Process Water. (This is the water-mix in the initial container, where, to salt water, you add 0.5-0.8% GEMPOLYM GUAR200, based on the amount of water used). This is then sprayed on the Wheatflour Dough.

GEMPOLYM GUAR200 FOODGRADE gives the Noodle dough the necessary binding power and texture to immediate further processing:

• Extrusion of a sheet
• Cutting the sheet into Noodles
• Steam-cooking the Noodles
• Air-drying
• Frying the noodles in oil

At the point where the sheet is cut into Noodles, GEMPOLYM GUAR200 gives it a nice texture and the Noodles do not break.

In the Oil/Fat bath, with frying/drying at 160 deg C for 1 minute, GEMPOLYM GUAR200 FOODGRADE prevents too much oil from seeping into the noodles, by forming a film and using less oil. This is important, as the addition of GEMPOLYM GUAR200 FOODGRADE prevents the noodles becoming soggy when hot water is poured over them in the final stage, just before eating.

Previously, this fine texture used to be achieved with polyphosphates and other chemicals. Modern, high-quality Noodles are no longer made with chemicals and use NATURAL Guar Gums instead.


Peanut-butter should have a viscosity of 5000-10000 cps at 20rpm, 90 deg C, Brookfield viscometer.

GEMPOLYM GUAR100 creates homogenity and achieves a very even distribution of dry components, resulting in a smooth, rich taste.

Toast peanuts at 170 deg C for 15 minutes and grind to a paste. Heat to 70 deg C and add 1.5-2.0% of stabiliser (consisting of GEMPOLYM GUAR100 and an emulsifier – fatty-acid, mono/diglyceride – in a ration of 1:1).

Homogenise, to achieve even distribution. For final texture, concentrate with one part water. Add sugar and spices.

Boil for a short period, cool to 70 deg C in a waterbath and package for marketing.


To be used `as is’, or in combination with vegetables, meats, fish etc, canned or ready-to-eat.

GEMPOLYM GUAR100 smoothes and softens the texture to the desired consistency.


GEMPOLYM GUAR100 improves water binding properties, texture and taste of sausages, cannned meats, fish and vegetable dishes.